Game development requires different people with different skill sets and Programming is one of the most important part of any game development process, even the game engines that you use are made with some programming language like unreal engine which is made using c++.

Programming is the back bone of any game, it lets you do all kind of crazy stuff in games with few lines of code. Nowadays, You can create many games with a basic knowledge of programming by combining it with other powerful tools that does all the heavy-lifting for you.

What programming languages are used in Game Development?

Well, there are a lot of programming languages that can be used to develop games but with free game engines the list can be narrowed down to these top 5 programming languages.

  1. C# (C Sharp)
  2. C++
  3. Java Script

No Doubt C# and C++ are at the top of our list for programming languages for developing games because of the resources that can be found online and games that are already developed using these languages. With these languages you can have full control over the different aspects of your game.

Nowadays, Game Engines like unity provides libraries that makes your job easy as a programmer, with a few lines of code you can achieve more functionality than you could with a thousand lines of code back in the days. But by knowing the ins and outs of a programming language, you can make your own game engines and tools that can help you make things even more easier in the long run.

How much money do Programmers make?

Most of the beginners start learning programming and game development with high hopes of earning a lot of money but that’s not always the case. In fact, it’s pretty hard for a beginner to earn any money in the beginning, especially if you are a solo game developer.

Most of the game programmers earning good amount of money usually work for big game studios or with a team of experienced game developers on big game projects.

Best programming Language to start with

If you are complete beginner and want to start learning programming languages, there are alot of languages that you can start with but because our target is to use them for game development, it would good to start with the basics C++.

You can develop many games with C# (using unity) as there are tons of resources out there available for free that can help you master C# combined with different aspects of game development.

Where to start

There are literally thousands of great places to start learning game programming as a beginner but here are the top 3 places to get started with.

  • Code Academy
  • Udemy
  • Unity learn

Code Academy:

Code academy is one of the most useful platform when it comes to learning programming for free. It provides online interactive courses for many different programming languages including, C++ , Python, java , Html and many more.

Code academy also provides paid courses for Pro users, it lets you use quizzes and personlized plans for learning.


Coursera is a great educational platform that lets you learn thousands of online courses for free, partnered with universities all around the world.

It provides detailed courses on many programming languages and also for some extra bucks you can get their certificate when your course is completed.

Unity Learn:

If you want to learn programming specially for game development in unity then Unity learn is the best platform to go for. There are thousands of great beginners to advanced level courses that you can take to learn C# as a game programmer. Most of the courses are free, so you can just go ahead and try them out right now. However, some of the courses are only avaialable for pro users.